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These pages contain some indications for those who, attracted by the contents of the book "Quattro passi in Valdichiana - nella Terra dell’Aglione", travel the territory and, after having tasted it in the deepest intimacy and having nourished the spirit of emotions, want to give space to that a material part that is in us and that asks for more superficial pleasures, perhaps less lasting, except those of memories, but no less intense.

We know how quickly hospitality can change, the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the food. Often the change of managers makes a place different from expectations. We will try to give always up-to-date and objective indications, but if we do not succeed, we will be grateful to those who want to report incongruities.

Those listed are our places of the heart where we gladly stop, where we always return, where we receive a kind and polite welcome, where we perceive quality and professionalism, desire to give the best. There are places for all budgets, the indication of the respective websites will allow the traveler to evaluate and know what he is choosing.

Certainly there are still many addresses to report, we are only at the beginning and we have not given ourselves space limits, you can also help us expand the list, we will verify according to our quality parameters. To be reported in these pages you do not pay, you just have to commit to make the visit of Valdichiana an unforgettable experience.

Your reports are welcome ...

the chapters of the book

Locanda de L’Amorosa, Sinalunga (SI)

Agriturismo Gatto Giallo, Montegabbione (TR)

In addition to the eno-gastronomic indications, in these pages there are hints and re-propositions of particularly suggestive and interesting places, which appear, directly or by reflex, in the book "Quattro passi in Valdichiana".

routes by area

A few useful notes:

In any place, hospitality, especially in small restaurants, is not an exact science, it cannot always be the same and it cannot be expected that the foods are always qualitatively the same.
An exciting stopover on a quiet weekday can be disappointing on a busy public holiday.
So we suggest you:
* always book the table respecting the fixed time, warn of delays or changes;
* to fully enjoy the value of a kitchen and dining room service, inquire about the crowding of the place;
* a small problem can and should always be justified; it is always good to point this out because this can help to remove the causes: if it happens again then the problem is serious;
* if you are not satisfied, instead of destroying the reputation of a place and those who work there, with a bad review, it is better to forget that address and look for a better one.

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